Educational Services

We provide the best educational services to schools in Nigeria (crèche, nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary). Management FIRST provides consultation on curriculum design, professional development, educational fun fair, innovative educational practices, resource development, seminars, research  and full time guidance and counseling for parents and children. We help new schools set-up and revamp existing schools with our innovative educational center. We are the only choice for new trends, theories and practices in education. Call today to book an appointment.

Professional development:  we provide professional development for teachers that are rich in contents, with practical solutions that can be applied in the classrooms immediately. We train school owners and interest groups as well. We have a wide variety of workshops for all grade levels and content areas and we can design a custom professional development plan for your school. Contact us to find out more about these options or to plan and schedule your next professional development.

Relax and talk (R&T): We provide guidance and counseling to parents and children. Parents who think their children are being self-destructive and want to know the underlying cause of the problem and how it affects their education should book an appointment with our educational consultants. This section will also help children who struggle with learning disabilities to proffer better solutions.

Recruitment:  Our recruitment service is a top notch with different unique options available to you. With our large database of teachers, we will meet your hiring needs in a timely manner, contact us to start today.