What We Do

Human Resource

We serve clients that have sophisticated HR departments and clients without HR departments.

Clients with HR departments often outsource to Management FIRST projects:

  • That require an external resource (such as investigations);
  • For which they don’t have specific expertise. Management FIRST includes staff members with legal, senior HR and business analyst backgrounds)
  • Outsourced due to time or staffing constraints.

For small and medium-sized clients without HR departments we provide full HR departments. Our HR On-call summarizes our services. For a full listing of the HR areas we cover, please call any member of our team.

Learn what your customers and peers really think.

Our 360 reviews and CEO evaluations provide professionals, CEOs and their organizations with objective, neutral information for assessing the professional or CEO. The 360 review covers 10 areas including management style, communication and decision-making – for a free listing of the areas; please call any of our team.

The CEO evaluation focuses on tangible, objective data, and also provides a summary of Board member views concerning how the CEO meets Board member expectations, carries out the organization’s mission and meets other leadership demands.

We provide our clients a detailed summary, normally 9 to 20 pages in length, which identifies strengths and areas needing improvement in each of the areas, along with recommendations.

Do two of your employees “not play well with others?”

Here’s our process for helping resolve festering situations. For two or three person conflicts, we meet with each individual and facilitate a session. The deliverables? – improved communications & interactions; defused conflict AND a set of operating agreements that keep the duo or trio on track.


Do two of your departments “not play well with others?”

When conflicts arise between departments, we follow a different process. First, we learn the issues; then we design a facilitated meeting that address the issues of rub and reminds everyone of the real benefits of improved relations.

Experts HR help when you need it most

Our team provides organizations, their managers and employees services ranging from one-time HR trouble shooting to providing organizations the benefit of a knowledgeable Human Resources department. We provide HR services in the following areas:

  • Staffing services: recruitment & hiring; reference checks; orientation; terminations & exit interviews;
  • Employee services: employee coaching; mediation between employees; conflict resolution between employees and supervisors.
  •  Employee performance: development, coordination and delivery of performance reviews;
  • Employee discipline:  participation in disciplinary events at the levels of written reprimand, suspension and termination.
  • HR Policy:  developing and updating employee handbooks, jobs descriptions and salary schedules.
  • HR Planning:  employee development, career pathing and retention, succession planning.
  • Investigations.