What We Do

Organizational Strategy

Our consultants help your organization ask the right questions regarding company culture, employee morale, management perceptions and leadership competencies to identify which strategy your company is ready to take on and how to execute it for maximum effectiveness.

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Organization Strategic Services

If you want salary equity in your organization – want to retain your personnel – want to tactfully address someone who feels s/he deserves a raise but has inappropriate expectations – you may benefit from a salary survey. Management FIRST conducts local.

Have you ever… Wondered what your clients really think? Wondered why you really win (or lose out) in bid situations? Do you want to make sure your company holds on to your best clients and customers?

We regularly conduct client surveys for other firms. In a client survey, we call a sampling of your clients and ask key questions.

You’re Not Sure

If you’re not 100% or even 50% sure what “consulting” you need, don’t worry about it. At least half the clients who call us say, “I’m not quite sure what I need, I just have the sense I should give you a call.”

If that’s your situation, just call and ask to speak with any one of our consultant.

Issues below the surface may be blocking growth

What does it take to build a high performing organization with motivated employees working to their full potential?

The key? Getting an accurate measure of employee engagement – understanding the drivers that cause employees to work harder, stay longer and care more. We aid our clients by conducting confidential employee surveys that shed light on issues key to organizational success.

You’ll learn:

  • What strategies will really pay off in increased productivity and morale?
  • Where are the trouble spots?
  • What do employees value about your organization, what’s working well and what’s not?

Management Strategy: Management Coaching and Strategy

We work with three types of managers:

  • Those experienced managers who recognize the need for assistance with some of the hardest challenges coming their way.
  • Those new to management who need a solid foundation in management training
  • Those with a clearly defined management training need

We also conduct managerial assessments on new and/or senior managers sent us by organizations. We meet with these managers and/or managerial candidates to conduct an in-depth managerial assessment that outlines the individual’s strengths and a “game plan” for professional development.

Is there something amiss in your organization that you just can’t put your finger on?

Have you inadvertently stepped into something that you need help cleaning up?

Are your employees happy but not necessarily engaged?

Are you getting ready to embark on an organizational change or new strategic rollout but not quite sure how your employees will receive the change?

Organizational Assessments can be conducted through several methods. At Management FIRST, our consultants work with you to identify which tools (in-person interviews; phone interviews; email or online surveys; focus groups or other strategies) will best serve your organization and give you the best and most accurate results. We work with you to develop a step-by-step strategy that identifies both answers and solutions.

Through our Organizational Assessment tools, we tailor our approach that appropriately addresses your team’s dynamics and gets to the root of the problem. Some employers needlessly spend thousands of naira addressing first one problem and then another after another without ever really identifying the root causes that fester, sending up new symptoms. We go the extra mile to make sure both the challenges and core issues are identified and an implementation plan is developed that meets your organization where it is at and pulls it forward to where you want it to be.

Management FIRST consultants can help you find process improvements inside your organization to ease work flow challenges and free up time for your employees – including in areas where they may not otherwise have seen.

We achieve this by working directly with your managers, coordinators and leads through a guided process; after they’ve walked with us and learned specific analytical thought processes, they can use the training to continue to identify and implement process changes after we leave.

Process improvements are only as good as your employees’ responses to them. We work with your employees to achieve buy-in. knowing that all employees are not the same and therefore not all time management and organizational techniques work for everyone, we can also train employees on time management techniques and organizational techniques that are unique to their personality and work style.

At The Management FIRST, we’ve developed a unique strategic planning format titled RESULTS that gives organizations an inspiring strategic vision and a clear-cut operational roadmap.

Through strategic planning, organizations increase and gain:

  • The results they achieve;
  • An alignment between the organization’s Board of Directors and internal management and/or between the company’s management and employees and

Clarity for the future and a yardstick by which to monitor progress and measure success.

When developing strategy, communication is typically assumed and unconsidered.

Professionals and companies stumble over what, when and how to communicate and to whom. They often don’t realize they’ve stumbled at all until hindsight leaves them wondering why their employees didn’t embrace the new initiative, revised handbook, IT overhaul or new manager or peer. These pains can be avoided through communication strategy.

Management FIRST consultants take professionals and organization through methods that strengthen and enhance their leadership, communication and organizational development skills through both practical and theoretical applications of dynamic, transformational and ethical leadership. Staff training and/or individual coaching sessions in this arena focus on creating and communicating vision and values; inspiring others to act; building trust, empowerment and teamwork; communicating during and through crisis; serving as a change agent and dynamics of communication strategy.

Our consultant team guides the development of strategic communication plans and effective strategies to communicate those plans such that foresight comes much closer to 20/20. Our team also aids individuals in developing personal communication skills through personalized coaching in which we assist with interpersonal skill-building, speech presentation and writing skills.

Only 15% of organizations feel prepared for the exodus of their key leaders and senior Baby Boomer professionals. At Management FIRST, we help companies identify succession needs through a myriad of techniques that keep their businesses thriving.

Here are some things you should be thinking through:

  • Where is my gap?
  • What kind of training needs to be involved for the next leaders to step in?
  • Who are my next leaders? If you have key individuals, consider — can they lead?
  • Where do I want the next leaders to take my business and how can I tell if/when they’re ready?
  • What step do I need to put in place for successful transition?

Let us help you identify your internal candidates, recruit externally and train them accordingly.

Partnering gives two or more organizations or departments the chance to meet in a facilitated session and resolve issues hampering both group’s success.

Our process is simple. We ask each group to outline their concerns in separate settings (meetings and/or via telephone interviews) and then bring all parties together in a meeting with clear cut rules of engagement to guide the discussion from problems to agreed-to solutions.