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Training And Development

Invest in your employees

Management FIRST offers our clients training sessions and training development in hundreds of areas. We customize every program to your organization or individual needs.

Contact us for the listing, however, if you don’t find the title you want — just call. Also, our clients often inspire us to create a new topic.

In addition to providing specific training, we provide development assistance in leadership development, team-building and coaching.

All of our Training are:

  • Fast-paced and highly participatory
  • Focus on specific and concrete skills rather than theory
  • Involves the participants through watching demonstrations, hearing short presentations, completing written and group exercises and through applying the skills presented in simulated situations. Gives participants frequent opportunities to put skills and knowledge presented to work in case situations, Can be evaluated in terms of measurable results

Training & Development Services

Training And Development Services

Development Plans: Leadership development

Management FIRST works with leaders from all industries and backgrounds, and begins with a two hour leadership assessment and then proceeds with customized, intensive training.

Employee development plans and career development

Development plans build employee engagement and strengthen companies by adding depth to the employee review process.

Coaching & Strategy Services

Achieve your goals with focused, professional advice
As your coach, we will:

  • Assist you to develop a game plan;
  • Provide you with the tools, support and structure to your goals

We coach individuals who are beginning careers, ending careers, changing careers and enhancing careers, helping each individual identify and accomplish their goals.

We’ve been honoured to assist businesses and senior executives who’ve faced troubling situations.

We help individuals reenter the job market by leveraging their strengths, speaking to their weaknesses and recognizing if a particular company is right for them.

Team Building: Unify and move forward

If you want to kick-start or enhance the level of “team” in your organization, we can provide you a customized team-building session that:

  • Increases team skills;
  • Addresses interdepartmental team conflict;
  • Helps a team self-assess their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Develops team motivation and individual team player.

We custom-tailor team sessions to a team or organization’s specific needs.

We can provide your team and team members’ fun, interactive, effective training on communication, conflict resolution and/or group decision-making skills. These skills and strategies might include: dealing with toxic energy, getting rapport, taking criticism without defensiveness and two-way problem resolving.

While differences in thinking and working style make for healthy organizations, they also create frustration and conflict. Often, when individuals request team-building training, they’re hoping that members of the team will take assessment inventories giving every team member an improved ability in understanding other team members’ thinking, working-style and decision making differences and styles.

Effective team-building sessions often focus on who and what the team is and where the team is going. Participants work in groups to discuss and come to agreement on issues such as:

  • What are we doing well? What are our strengths and accomplishments?
  • In what areas do we need to improve or focus our efforts?
  • What does the team expect form our leader? What does our leader expect from the team?

What are each of our sections of the organization “pie” and what do each of our “slices” wish the other slices understood?

We provide teams with challenging and fun physical and/or mental activities and simulations that both test a team’s skills and allow a team to develop new and improved methods for interacting and resolving conflicts. One of our favorites is “toxic popcorn” which is a unique group challenge that has had success with several thousand groups.


You, your employees and managers all gain when you improve employee and manager skills and strategies.

What makes our training sessions stand out?

  • We customize every session to your specific needs and group.
  • Our sessions focus on real-world, practical, immediately grasped and useable skills.
  • Our company specializes in training that can be evaluated in terms of measurable, bottom-line results.
  • We use interactive, hands-on methods that help participants learn quickly and retain what they learn for the long-term.


Training Topics: Training Sessions that offer you the results you want

Call today to request for listings of the training sessions we have available. You can request a flyer on any of these sessions. You may also call and discuss your training needs, to no cost, with any of our team and we can customize a unique session that exactly fits your needs.


Performance appraisal assistance

Does your company need a performance appraisal system that’s easy to use and really works? We create them.

Do you need us to objectively review already created performance reviews? We can reword what you want to say to improve its presentation and avoid problems in touchy situations.

Do you need someone else to deliver a tricky performance appraisal? We can do this – or be the “second seat” facilitator to help you get through to your employee what you want him/her to hear.